Core Values

Product Quality

The production process is a key element in ensuring the quality of a product. The Company has developed and provided training to employees, so that the trained human resources will be able to provide high-quality products. All the employees that we train in all services area of the machine operators to the packaging teams, will realize the ideals of the company in providing products that compete in the market.

Engineering Technology

In this age of globalization, technology affects the life of the community and the company. Since 2002 until now, the company consistently continues to rejuvenate and enlarge machines with cutting-edge technology that can save production cost, increase production capacity, and provide high-quality products. Besides, the company also strive toper form maintenance and to check regularly and systematically.

Product Innovations

The Company consistently develops business activities by creating innovative products that can compete in the market to meet the needs of the community.

Establishes a good long-term relationship with suppliers in Indonesia

The Company has established a good long-term relationship with suppliers, so that they can maintain partnerships, optimize inventory of raw materials and timely delivery of raw materials. Therefore, the company can ensure the sustainability of the production process until smooth delivery of goods on time.