About Us

SIP is a company that produces and distributes plastic goods for packaging for the needs of the community

A Brief History

SIP was established in 2001 to manufacture and distribute the finished products of plastic packaging, both domestic and export. Today, SIP intended to produce finished packaging products in HDPE and LLDPE/LDPE.

In 2019, in line with growing demand, SIP enlarged new manufacturing facility in the area of Banten province with a greater capacity to meet the market needs.

Vision and Mission

To be a leading plastic packaging manufacturer providing high-quality products to meet the needs of the community.

1. Developing most persistent, excellent, and efficient human resources.
2. Optimizing the value of the company and contribution to the shareholders.
3. Increasing the production capacity and product quality in order to become a world-class plastic packaging company.
4. Keeping business partnerships with customers and making a commitment to provide the best products and services.